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Rosebay willowherb tea is naturally caffeine free and contain HUGE nutritional and vitamin content, providing natural energy boost from nutrients, not stimulants.

TEABERIA teas are made from fermented rosebay willowherb leaves giving rich flavour of black tea and remarkable health benefits of wild plants.


TeaBeria teas...

TEABERIA teas undergo traditional fermentation methods to ensure robust, bold flavour.

Harvested in the cleanest natural reserves on earth

Collected only by hand

caffeine free

Full of nutritional health benefits

100% wild

Teaberia HERBS are:

Siberian natural reserves rosebay willowherb tea collected by hand naturally caffeine free tea Tea with nutritional health benefits organic wild plants used in tea
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Who we are...

Teaberia is on the mission to source the most amazing quality plants from the cleanest places on earth. All ingredients are coming from wild herbs collected by native herbalist families living in Siberian natural reserves. Wild herbs have the highest concentration of delicious aromas and nutritional strength for your benefit. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and would offer full refund otherwise. Cheers!

Where our tea grows...

Rosebay willoherb plants are сollected around the foothills of Sayan mountains and surrounding tundra, in the South West Siberia. These are some of the most iconic and cleanest places on earth, surrounded with nothing but mountains, plains and forests for hundreds of miles.

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